A trading robot created by US programmers with ten years of experience in creating automated trading systems based on AI technology

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Make money on a foreign exchange market with the help of an automatic trading robot with artificial intelligence

1 15.65 % per month
Average return
2 32.25 % per month
Maximum income
3 31 month in a row
Profitable trading
10 10 years of experience
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About the company:

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    S-Group company was created to open an opportunity for an ordinary person to earn money on the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading.
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    Since 2019, S-Group has been using a trading robot from a team of exchange analysts and programmers from the USA with 10 years of experience in developing such solutions.
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    We use an innovative automated algorithm previously available only to large companies and banks.
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In our banks we have people behaving like robots doing mechanical things, tomorrow we’re going to have robots behaving like people

John Cryan, the CEO of Deutsche Bank

Why banks and global corporations massively switch to using robotic trade algorithms?

Artificial intelligence

Robot spends minutes processing amount of data where a team of 10 people can spend days or even weeks

24/5 work

The robot trades completely without human intervention, without salary, sleep, food, fatigue, breaks and weekends

Profitable algorithm

Trade is led by a previously tested algorithm that makes money.

Instant execution

A robot instantly executes decisions that lead to reducing losses and greater profits.

Trading without emotion

A robot doesn’t have feelings like greed and fear which cause money loss for traders in 99% of the time.

Trading by the rules

A robot strictly abides by the rules of capital management and closes unprofitable deals right away.

All this makes trading robots ideal traders!

Do not waste time, check on your own experience.


Who are our clients?



Opportunity Increase in profit and diversification of assets.
Benefit Invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and get a yield of about 4 ... 10 times higher than on a bank deposit. Your funds are in complete safety.
Opportunity Opportunity to invest with us. You can quit your job and do your favorite thing.
Benefit Over the year, it is highly likely to double your investment and buy a car or real estate from profit or on credit, covering the loan interest with our payments.
Opportunity Start work on your financial independence with minimal investment.
Benefit Get successful experience and start passively earning from youth.

Key benefits of working with us

Team of professionals

A team of stock analysts and developers from the USA with 10 years of experience


30,000+ hours of programming and thousands of tests on historical data


Constant free updates and improvements to the robot


Full access to live statistics and reporting

S-Group S-Group

Fact: 29 months profitable robot trading in a row


An international company with customers from 17 countries

10 10 years of experience
S-Group S-Group Watch history
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How to start working with us?
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    Step 1

    Fill out the registration form and consent.

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    Step 2

    Choose the direction that suits you.

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    Step 3

    Keep track of real-time reporting.

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Why investing in algorithmic trading is more beneficial than classic investment instruments

Manual trading

High risks, need for professional knowledge and tight ship. Knowing how to work with emotions and make quick decisions. Spend a lot of time to make money.

Bank deposit

Low profitability, bank bankrupt risks, taxation of profits before the withdrawal. The interest rate barely covers inflation.

Real estate

Low profitability regarding the high threshold for entering. Dependency on market demand. Additional expenses (taxes, utility bills, depreciation).

Trading robot

Automatic trading 24/5/265. Low risks. No emotional mistakes. It doesn’t feel stressed from big responsibility for capital. Ready to trade with any sum of money.

Create passive income today

You lose your profits every day by investing exclusively in classic investment instruments.


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    Schedule of webinars 23.03 - 28.03 in CIS region


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Frequently asked

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What is S-Group?

S-Group is an international investment company based in England, UK.

Do you have a business permission?

Yes, the company has permission to:

64304 - Activities of open investment companies
64205 - Activities of financial services holding companies
64303 - Activities of venture and development companies
64999 - Financial intermediation

More information can be found on the government website of the UK Registration Chamber - https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12269053

Does S-Group have any liability to the investor?

Yes, the company is under the government regulator Companies House.

What is the company's authorized capital?

Registered capital (PC) is the means of the company, which before the law and people are the minimum guarantor for the parties.

S-Group has registered capital of £ 5,000,000.

UK registry:

How was the company founded?

After successful completion of the private testing of exclusive foreign exchange trading technology, the company’s management decided to establish S-Group on October 17, 2019.

How long does the trading technology that S-Group uses work?

The company uses technology that successfully operates on the foreign exchange market since 07.11.2017.

How do we move to the new terms of profit distribution?

Company DOES NOT guarantee a fixed profit, since profitability is flexible and depends on how successfully the trading day was ended. On a regular and real-time basis, each user in his personal account is broadcast information about the auction - https://backoffice.s-group.io/personal-office/history.
Also a public document is a report downloaded from a broker -
At the end of the trading day, the returns received from investors are distributed as follows:
Investments from $ 100 to $ 500 - 50% of the trade income is received by the investor and 50% of the company's commission.
Investment from $ 500 to $ 1,500 - 60% of the gains from the bargain are received by the investor and 40% of the company's commission.
Investments from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000 - 65% of the bargain income is received by the investor and 35% of the company's commission.
Investments from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 - 70% of the bargaining income is received by the investor and 30% of the company's commission.
Investments from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 - 75% of the bargaining income is received by the investor and 25% of the company's commission.
Investments from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 - 80% of the trade income is received by the investor and the company’s 20% commission.
Investments from $ 50,000 - 85% of the trade income is received by the investor and the company’s 15% commission.

At the beginning of 2020, the minimum income was 12.26% per month, and the average 14.26%.

What brokers are traded on?

1) Roboforex Ltd is an international broker regulated by IFSC under the IFSC/60/271/TS license.
Winner of over 10 prestigious awards:
Best Broker of the CIS 2019 IAFT Awards, Best Stock Broker Asia 2019 International Business Magazine Awards, Best Investment Products, Global 2019 Global Brands Awards ...
More than 800,000 customers from 169 countries.
2) Forex4you - Activities of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. regulated by the Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC), license registration number: SIBA / L / 12/1027.
3) Swissquote Group Holding Ltd is Switzerland's leader in financial and online trading services. Licenses FINMA, FCA, DFSA, SFC, MFSA, MAS.
4) OANDA is a registered futures and foreign exchange retail intermediary with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. No: 0325821.

Is there a company in the international GLEIF registry?

Yes, the company supports the idea of financial companies being transparent and reliable. Reference to international registry - https://search.gleif.org/#/record/894500O4K0YK73BWY633

Do you have to pay taxes on profits?

The company is not a tax agent and therefore does not withhold revenue for tax purposes. This responsibility remains with the client.

How does technology work?

The technology is realized as an artificial intelligence based on neural networks, which has been trained on the analytical data of huge volumes, obtained from top traders over a long period of time. It combines many different strategies in more than 30 trading pairs, each or many of which are applied to their respective market situations.

There are many different monitoring services, are they used?

No, because all these services are private and completely exempt themselves from the confidentiality of the data. The main value of the public pool in its unique technology, all tools that allow or do not guarantee the prohibition of copying transactions will not be used.

What organization is DDS?

Deployable Data Solutions is one of the leading US IT companies, one of which is developing automated systems for foreign exchange trading. The company is a partner of S-Group and provides it with unique technology.

Why does the company pay the partnership fees?

Practically every business in the world allocates funds for marketing and attracting new customers. S-Group chose a strategy of rewarding its partners instead of traditional marketing costs. Partnership fees are paid by the business model, according to which the investor’s standard investment contract is concluded for a period of one year, and after 3 months the funds allocated for marketing are paid back.

What are the risks of the investor?

Foreign exchange trading, like any other kind of business, has its risks, but they are insured by special trade instruments like Stop Loss Take Profit. SLTP - are types of protection orders that are displayed for automatic closing of transactions. They limit possible losses and help to record profits. The trade risks foreseen are 10% of the deposit, and the complex risk is up to 25%.

How is profit withdrawal carried out?

Profit is calculated once in the reporting period ( month ) and can be withdrawn by one of the payment services: Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

How is the main amount withdrawn - deposit?

The standard term of deposit is 12 months.
The deposit is separated from the profit.
The first 3 months of withdrawal of the deposit is impossible, i.e.
From 3 to 12 months, the withdrawal is possible minus the commission’s 15% which will take the immediate closure of open transactions and incur additional costs.
The deposit is withdrawn from 12 months without a commission.

Is it possible to replenish the card with more than $2,500?

The replenishment restriction on the card is regulated in accordance with the rules of the national bank of the country of the payer.

Is there reinvestment, and how does it work?

Yes. Divided into two types:
Daily reinvestment - is performed automatically, the tender takes part not only the deposit, but also the additional profit already earned during the reporting period.
Monthly reinvestment - The user decides whether to make a profit every month, or to leave the profit for further trading.

How long before the money gets in?

Funds are received from the second day after the deposit is created. For example, when creating a deposit on Monday until 08:00 UK, London (GMT+1) funds will be in operation already on Tuesday, if later then on Wednesday.

What are the input and withdrawal commissions?

S-Group Commission for = 0%, output = 1%. Additionally: The percentage of commission for input of funds is set by payment platforms and differs depending on the method of replenishment.
IMPORTANT: When a deposit is created, an additional 5% is charged for account maintenance.

What payment systems do you have for input and output?

Depending on the payer’s region, Visa/Mastercard cards, Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin,Ethereum, USDT are available.

Can I transfer funds internally from my account to another client?

Yes, this option is implemented in the private office. Funds are transferred within the platform without a commission.

How to check the history of the site ?

For this purpose you should use the special service "Internet Archive" - https://web.archive.org/. WHOIS tools are not suitable, because their main task is to display the registration data of the domain name, not history.

Does the company work with US residents?

No, financial services are not provided. In private, an accredited investor can seek advice at mail [email protected]

What is verification for?

Customer verification - This is an international control standard. Know your client - the term banking and exchange regulation for financial institutions, as well as other companies working with private money, means that they must identify and identify the counterparty before conducting a financial transaction. It is mandatory to undergo a verification procedure to remove funds from the system.

Minimum and maximum investment?

An investment can be any amount from $100.

How do we move to the new terms of profit distribution?

The amount of all deposits is used to determine the terms of the cooperation, and when the necessary amount is reached, the following conditions are automatically applied.
Investment from $ 100 to $ 500 - 50% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 50% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 500 to $ 1,500 - 60% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 40% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000 - 65% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 35% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 - 70% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 30% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 - 75% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 25% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 - 80% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 20% of the company’s commission.
Investment from $ 50,000 - 85% of the traded profit is received by the investor and 15% of the company’s commission.

Is it possible to register without a sponsor?

No, you can register only after receiving information from an existing partner of the company.

Can users register before 18?

No, services are provided only to adults.

What’s the company mode?

Tenders are carried out on business days 24/5 except for holidays.

Is it necessary to connect the Telegram bot and why is it needed?

No, but desirable. S-Group telegram bot is an additional security feature for your account, as well as a convenient notification system.

Still have questions?

If you did not find the answer to your question, contact our support service.


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